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St John’s College is Cambridge University’s second largest college full of brain boxes. Celebrating its 600 years of existence, Error was commissioned to redesign its (almost as old) website.

A wide selection of stakeholders were initially consulted during our workshop process. From professors, to the marketing team, right through to some high-flying under- and post-graduate students. As with many of the our projects involving educational stakeholders, great effort was required to align their expectations with what the users (mainly students) would need to see and use.

Concerning the design, the website needed to retain a sense of history but be adorned with the decals of a slick, modern website that could attract the cream of the world’s brightest young things.

We hauled in choice photographer, Matt Thomas, to assist us around the college grounds shooting some stunning scenery, architecture and sickeningly good looking and intelligent students. Still, our design looked more beautiful than them!

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